OpenAPS Features

Some of the features in AndroidAPS are from OpenAPS oref0 code so please refer to the OpenAPS docs for these:

  • Advanced Meal Assist (AMA) after you give yourself a meal bolus, the system can high-temp more quickly after a meal bolus IF you enter carbs reliably. Turn it on in the Config tab, you will need to have completed Objective 7 to use this feature.
  • Autosens analyze historical data on the go and make adjustments if it recognizes that you are reacting more sensitively (or conversely, more resistant) to insulin than usual. Turn it on in the Preferences menu, you will need to have completed Objective 6 to use this feature.
  • Temporary Targets (Eating Soon and Activity Mode) Temporary or “temp” targets are ideal for when you want the loop to adjust to a different target level for a short period of time (temporarily) for example when you plan on eating or exercising. You can set temp targets either by the TempT option on the watch, Temporary Target button on the Actions tab, or by pressing and holding the current target displayed on the home screen. Temporary targets have a pre-defined duration so you don’t need to remember to turn it back to usual. The homepage will show the current target as blue is your usual target, and green if a temporary target.