Tidepool is a third party tool that collects data regarding BG, insulin and carbs and can be used to analyze and share this data with your clinical team. As of AAPS version 3.2 it can be used as an alternative to Nightscout for satisfying part of Objective 1. It can also be used in combination with Nightscout as an alternative reporting platform that integrates well with clinical settings. This may be the desired option for children using AAPS who want to have the remote monitoring and control capabilities of Nightscout, but want a reporting platform that their clinical team are more comfortable with.

It is important to understand the tidepool is for reporting only. It is NOT a real-time follow app. If you need to have followers apart from the main AAPS phone you must setup Nightscout as well.

Note: the Tidepool organization is also working on bringing the iOS Loop product to market with FDA approval. This effort has nothing to do with their data reporting platform or AAPS.

Step 1 - Setup a tidepool account

-Navigate to tidepool.org

-Select “Personal Sign Up” or “Sign Up”

-Create and document an email and password

-Select “Personal Account” and click “Continue”

-Complete the patient information section and accept the terms of use

-Verify your email address via the instructions received to your email

Step 2 - Enter credentials into AAPS

-Select the three-line “hamburger” menu in the top left and the select “Config Builder” (if “Config Builder is not located there it will instead be one of the tabs along the top)

-Scroll down to the “Synchronization” section and select the check mark to the left of “Tidepool”

-Click the gear icon to the right of “Tidepool”

-Enter the username and password you created in Step 1 above

-Click “Test Tidepool Login”

-If you get the “Successfully logged into Tidepool” message you have successfully connected. If not, confirm your credentials are correct and that you have verified your email address with Tidepool.

-Click on “Connection settings” and set based on your personal preferences

For more assistance on how to use your data once it is uploaded to Tidepool please visit: https://www.tidepool.org/viewing-your-data