Necessary checks after update coming from AAPS 2.6

  • The program code was changed significantly when switching to AAPS 2.7.

  • Therefore it is important that you make some changes or check settings after the update.

  • Please see release notes for details on new and extended features.

Check BG source

  • Check if BG source is correct after update.

  • Especially when using xDrip+ it might happen, that BG source is changed to Dexcom app (patched).

  • Open Config builder (hamburger menu on top left side of home screen)

  • Scroll down to «BG source».

  • Select correct BG source if changes are necessary.

Πηγή BG

Finish exam

  • AAPS 2.7 contains new objective 11 (in later versions renumbered to objective 10!) for automation.

  • You have to finish exam (objective 3 and 4) in order to complete objective 11.

  • If for example you did not finish the exam in objective 3 yet, you will have to complete the exam before you can start objective 11.

  • This will not effect other objectives you have already finished. You will keep all finished objectives!

Set master password

  • Necessary to be able to export settings as they are encrypted as of version 2.7.

  • Open Preferences (three-dot-menu on top right of home screen)

  • Click triangle below «General»

  • Click «Master-Password»

  • Enter password, confirm password and click ok.

Set master password

Ρυθμίσεις εξαγωγής

  • AAPS 2.7 uses a new encrypted backup format.

  • You must export your settings after updating to version 2.7.

  • Settings files from previous versions can only be imported in AAPS 2.7. Export will be in new format.

  • Make sure to store your exported settings not only on your phone but also in at least one safe place (your pc, cloud storage…).

  • If you build AAPS 2.7 apk with the same keystore than in previous versions you can install new version without deleting the previous version.

  • All settings as well as finished objectives will remain as they were in the previous version.

  • In case you have lost your keystore build version 2.7 with new keystore and import settings from previous version as described in the troubleshooting section.

Autosens (Hint - no action necessary)

  • Autosens is changed to a dynamic switching model which replicates the reference design.

  • Autosens will now switch between a 24 and 8 hours window for calculating sensitivity. It will pick which ever one is more sensitive.

  • If users have come from oref1 they will probably notice the system may be less dynamic to changes, due to the varying of either 24 or 8 hours of sensitivity.

Set Pump Password for Dana RS (if using Dana RS)

  • Pump password for Dana RS was not checked in previous versions.

  • Open Preferences (three-dot-menu on top right of screen)

  • Scroll down and click triangle next to «Dana RS».

  • Click «Pump password (v1 only)»

  • Enter pump password (Default password is different depending on firmware version) and click OK.

Set Dana RS password

To change password on Dana RS follow instructions on DanaRS page.