Safety first

When you decide to build your own closed loop, always think about security and impact of all your actions


  • AndroidAPS is a just a tool to help you manage diabetes, not something you can install and forget!
  • Don’t absolutely trust any device taking control of insulin delivery. Watch it all the time, learn how it works and learn how to predict it’s actions.
  • Remember that the phone paired with pump can do anything with the pump. Dedicate this phone for APS and communication with your child. Do not install other apps and games (!!!) to prevent installing together some unwanted code like trojans, viruses or bots.
  • Install all security updates provided by your phone manufacter and Google.

SMS Communicator

  • If you enable SMS Communicator, consider what could happen when the phone enabled for remote commands is stolen! So always protect it at least by a PIN code.
  • Since AndroidAPS 1.1 you will receive SMS notification of important remote actions like boluses or profile changes. Set up at least 2 numbers for SMS communication to be notified about actions of the second phone (in case it’s stolen).