Примечания к изменениям в версиях

Следуйте инструкциям в руководстве по обновлению. На ее страницах решаются наиболее распространенные проблемы связанные с обновлениями.

You will receive the following information as soon as a new update is available:

Информация об обновлении

У вас есть 60 дней для обновления. Если вы не обновитесь в течение 60 дней AAPS войдет в режим LGS (приостановка на низких ГК - см. глоссарий), цель 4.

Если вы не обновитесь еще 30 дней (90 дней с новой даты выпуска) AAPS переключится в режим открытого цикла.

Имейте в виду, что это изменение не предназначено для того, чтобы действовать вам на нервы, а существует по соображениям безопасности. Новые версии AndroidAPS не только обеспечивают новые возможности, но и содержат исправления безопасности. Поэтому необходимо, чтобы каждый пользователь обновлял приложение как можно чаще. К сожалению, все еще поступают сообщения об ошибках из очень старых версий, поэтому это попытка повысить безопасность каждого пользователя и всего сообщества. Благодарим за понимание!

Version 2.5.1

Release date: 31-10-2019

Please note the important notes and limitations listed for version 2.5.0.

  • Fixed a bug in the network state receiver that lead to crashes with many (not critical but would waste a lot of energy re-calculating things).
  • New versioning that will allow to do minor updates without triggering the update-notification.

Version 2.5.0

Release date: 26-10-2019

Важные Примечания

Is this update for me? Currently is NOT supported

  • Android 5
  • Poctech
  • 600SeriesUploader
  • Glimp
  • Patched Dexcom from 2.3 directory

Новые возможности

  • Internal change of targetSDK to 28 (Android 9), jetpack support

  • RxJava2, Okhttp3, Retrofit support

  • Old Medtronic pumps support (RileyLink need)

  • New Automation plugin

  • Allow to bolus only part from bolus wizard calculation

  • Rendering insulin activity

  • Adjusting IOB predictions by autosense result

  • New support for patched Dexcom apks (2.4 folder)

  • Signature verifier

  • Allow to bypass objectives for OpenAPS users

  • New objectives - exam, application handling

    (If you started at least objective “Starting on an open loop” in previous versions exam is optional.)

  • Fixed bug in Dana* drivers where false time difference was reported

  • Fixed bug in SMS communicator

Version 2.3

Release date: 25-04-2019

Новые возможности

  • Important safety fix for Insight (really important if you use Insight!)
  • Fix History-Browser
  • Fix delta calculations
  • Language updates
  • Check for GIT and warn on gradle upgrade
  • More automatic testing
  • Fixing potential crash in AlarmSound Service (thanks @lee-b !)
  • Fix broadcast of BG data (works independently of SMS permission now!)
  • New Version-Checker

Version 2.2.2

Release date: 07-04-2019

Новые возможности

  • Autosens fix: deactivate TT raises/lowers target
  • New translations
  • Insight driver fixes
  • SMS plugin fix

Version 2.2

Release date: 29-03-2019

Новые возможности

  • DST fix
  • Wear Update
  • SMS plugin update
  • Go back in objectives.
  • Stop loop if phone disk is full

Version 2.1

Release date: 03-03-2019

Новые возможности

  • Accu-Chek Insight support (by Tebbe Ubben and JamOrHam)
  • Status lights on main screen (Nico Schmitz)
  • Daylight saving time helper (Roumen Georgiev)
  • Fix processing profile names comming from NS (Johannes Mockenhaupt)
  • Fix UI blocking (Johannes Mockenhaupt)
  • Support for updated G5 app (Tebbe Ubben and Milos Kozak)
  • G6, Poctech, Tomato, Eversense BG source support (Tebbe Ubben and Milos Kozak)
  • Fixed disabling SMB from preferences (Johannes Mockenhaupt)


  • If you are using non default smbmaxminutes value you have to setup this value again

Version 2.0

Release date: 03-11-2018

Новые возможности

  • oref1/SMB support (oref1 documentation) Be sure to read the documentation to know what to expect of SMB, how it will behave, what it can achive and how to use it so it can operate smoothly.
  • Accu-check Combo pump support (setup instructions)
  • Setup wizard: guides you through the process of setting up AndroidAPS

Settings to adjust when switching from AMA to SMB

  • Objective 8 must be started for SMBs to be enabled (SMB tab generally shows what restrictions apply)
  • maxIOB now includes all IOB, not just added basal. That is, if given a bolus of 8 U for a meal and maxIOB is 7 U, no SMBs will be delivered until IOB drops below 7 U.
  • min_5m_carbimpact default has changed from 3 to 8 going from AMA to SMB. Если вы переходите с AMA на SMB, то вам нужно изменить его вручную
  • Note when building AndroidAPS 2.0 apk: Configuration on demand is not supported by the current version of the Android Gradle plugin! Если сборка выполнена с ошибкой, относящейся к “выборочной конфигурации”, можно сделать следующее:
    • Откройте окно настроек, нажав Файл > Настройки (на Mac, Android Studio > Настройки).
    • В левой панели нажмите Сборка, Выполнение, Развертывание > Компилятор.
    • Снимите флажок с ячейки “выборочная конфигурация”.
    • Нажмите Применить или OK.

Overview tab

  • Top ribbon gives access to suspend/disable loop, view/adjust profile and to start/stop temporary targets (TTs). TTs use defaults set in preferences. The new Hypo TT option is a high temp TT to prevent the loop from too aggressively overcorrection rescue carbs.
  • Treatment buttons: old treatment button still available, but hidden by default. Visibility of buttons can now be configured. New insulin button, new carbs button (including eCarbs/extended carbs)
  • Colored prediction lines:
    • Orange: COB (colour is used generally to represent COB and carbs)
    • Dark blue: IOB (colour is used generally to represent IOB and insulin)
    • Light blue: zero-temp
    • Dark yellow: UAM
  • Option to show a notes field in insulin/carbs/calculator/prime+fill dialogs, which are uploaded to NS
  • Updated prime/fill dialog allows priming and creating careportal entries for site change and cartridge change


  • Separate build variant dropped, included in regular full build now. To use bolus controls from watch, enable this setting on the phone
  • Wizard now only asks for carbs (and percentage if enabled in watch settings). Which parameters are included in the calculation can be configured in the settings on the phone
  • confirmations and info dialogs now work on wear 2.0 as well
  • Added eCarbs menu entry

New plugins

  • PocTech app as BG source
  • Dexcom patched app as BG source
  • oref1 sensitivity plugin


  • App now uses drawer to show all plugins; plugins selected as visible in config builder are shown as tabs on top (favourites)
  • Overhaul for config builder and objectives tabs, adding descriptions
  • New app icon
  • Lots of improvements and bugfixes
  • Nightscout-independant alerts if pump is unreachable for a longer time (e.g. depleted pump battery) and missed BG readings (see Local alerts in settings)
  • Option to keep screen on
  • Option to show notification as Android notification
  • Advanced filtering (allowing to always enable SMB and 6h after meals) supported with patched Dexcom app or xDrip with G5 native mode as BG source.