Update to a new version or branch

Install git (if you don’t have it)

  • Any git version should work. For example https://git-scm.com/download/win

  • Make sure to note down the installation path. You will need it in the next step.

    Git installation path

  • Let Studio know where is git.exe located: File - Settings

    Android Studio - open settings

  • In the next window: Version Control - Git

  • Make sure update method “Merge” is selected.

    Android Studio - GIT path

Update your local copy

  • Click: VCS->Git->Fetch

    Android Studio - GIT - Fetch

Selecting branch

  • If you want to change branch select another branch from tray: master (latest release) or another version (please see below)

and then checkout (You can use ‘Checkout as New Branch’ if ‘Checkout’ is not available.)

Updating branch from Github

  • Press Ctrl+T, select Merge method and press OK

On the tray you’ll see green message about updated project

Generate APK & upload to phone

Generate signed apk as described in Building APK (Generate signed APK)

Navigation Generate signed APK

You can check the AAPS version on your phone by clicking the three dots menu on the top right and then about.

AAPS version installed


phone app note installed

  • Make sure you have transferred the “app-full-release.apk” file to your phone.
  • If “App not installed” is displayed on your phone follow these steps:
    1. Export settings (in AAPS version already installed on your phone)
    2. Uninstall AAPS on your phone.
    3. Enable airplane mode & turn off bluetooth.
    4. Install new version (“app-full-release.apk”)
    5. Import settings
    6. Turn bluetooth back on and disable airplane mode