DanaRS Pump

These instructions are for configuring the app and your pump if you have a DanaRS from 2017 onwards. Visit DanaR Insulin Pump if you have the original DanaR instead.

  • In DanaRS pump “BASAL A” is used by the app. Existing data gets overwritten.
  • In AndroidAPS go to Config Builder and select ‘DanaRS’
  • Select Menu by tapping the 3 dots in the top right. Select Preferences.
  • Select DanaRS Pair New Pump, and click your DanaRS serial number.
  • Select Pump password, and input your password. (Default password is 1234)
  • Select Bolus Speed to change the default bolus speed used (12sec per 1u, 30sec per 1u or 60sec per 1u).
  • Restart your phone.
  • Set basal step on pump to 0.01 U/h using Doctors menu (see pump user guide)
  • Enable extended boluses on pump