Freestyle libre 1

Para utilizar su libre como un CGM que obtiene nuevos valores de BG cada 5 minutos, primero tiene que comprar un adaptador NFC a Bluetooth como:

Additionally it is possible to use a specific watch, the Sony Smartwatch 3 which has an NFC chip which can be enabled and can be used as a NFC collector. However the custom NFC to Bluetooth adapters listed above offer a less complex solution and would be used by the majority of those wanting to use their Libre 1 as a CGM.

As it currently stands, if using Libre 1 as BG source you cannot activate ‘Enable SMB always’ and ‘Enable SMB after carbs’ within the SMB algorithm. Los valores de BG de Libre 1 no son lo suficientemente estables para usarlo de forma segura. See Smoothing blood glucose data for more details.

If using xDrip+

  • If not already set up then download xDrip+ and follow instructions on LimiTTEer or Libre Alarm.
  • In xDrip+ go to Settings > Interapp Compatibility > Broadcast Data Locally and select ON.
  • In xDrip+ go to Settings > Interapp Compatibility > Accept Treatments and select OFF.
  • If you want to be able to use AndroidAPS to calibrate then in xDrip+ go to Settings > Interapp Compatibility > Accept Calibrations and select ON. Puede que también desee revisar las opciones en Ajustes > Ajustes Menos Comunes > Ajustes Avanzados de Calibración.
  • Select xDrip+ in ConfigBuilder (setting in AndroidAPS).
  • Para los valores de xDrip+ con capturas de pantalla, consulte la sección xDrip+ página de ajustes. Hay una parte para los valores básicos de xDrip+ y para los valores de Freestyle Libre xDrip+.
  • If AAPS does not receive BG values when phone is in airplane mode, use ‘Identify receiver’ as describe on xDrip+ settings page.

Si utiliza Glimp

  • You will need Glimp version 4.15.57 or newer. Older versions are not supported.
  • If not already set up then download Glimp and follow instructions on Nightscout.
  • Seleccionar Glimp en ConfigBuilder (ajustes de AndroidAPS).