Export & import settings

¿Cuándo debo exportar los valores?

Esté preparado para lo imprevisto. Es posible que cambie los valores importantes por accidente y que tenga problemas para deshacer los cambios. Tu teléfono podría romperse o ser robado. Para volver fácilmente al estado en el que ha estado, los valores deben exportarse de forma regular.

La mejor práctica es la exportación después del cambio de valores o la finalización de un objetivo.

Exported settings should be copied to a cloud storage or your computer, better two different locations. Así usted está preparado ante la pérdida o daño de su AAPS teléfono y no tiene que empezar desde cero.

En un sistema Windows 10, se ve así:

AAPS Preferences phone connected to computer

Export Path

The exports will be placed in this folder on your phone:

/Internal Storage/AAPS/preferences

This storage location cannot be changed in the AAPS settings.

Información exportada

Among others the following information is part of the settings export:

Encrypted backup format

Settings backup is encrypted by a master password that can be set in Preferences .

Exportar ajustes

  • Hamburger menu (top left corner of screen)

  • Maintenance

  • Exportar ajustes

AAPS export settings 1
  • Date and time of export will be added to the file name automatically and displayed together with the path.

  • Click “OK”.

  • Enter master password and click “OK”.

  • Successful export will be prompted at bottom of the screen.

AAPS export settings 2

Importar ajustes

Do not import settings while on an active Pod session - see Omnipod page for details.

  • Hamburger menu (top left corner of screen)

  • Maintenance

  • Importar ajustes

AAPS import settings 1
  • All files from folder AAPS/preferences/ on your phone will be shown in the list.

  • Select file.

  • Confirm import by clicking “OK”.

  • Enter master password and click “OK”.

AAPS import settings 2
  • Details on the preference file will be shown.

  • Last option to cancel import.

  • Click “Import”.

  • Confirm message by clicking “OK”.

  • AAPS will be restarted in order to activate imported preferences.

Note for Dana RS users

  • As pump connection settings are also imported AAPS on your new phone will already «know» the pump and therefore not start a bluetooth scan.

  • Please pair new phone and pump manually.

Import settings from previous versions (before AAPS 2.7)

  • The «old» settings file (called “AndroidAPSPreferences” - without file extension) must be in root folder of your smartphone (/storage/emulated/0).

  • Do not put the «old» file in the same folder as the new exported settings (AAPS/preferences).

  • You will find the «old» file on the bottom of the list in the import dialogue.

Transfer settings file

  • Best way to transfer settings file to a new phone is via USB cable or cloud service (i.e. Google Drive).

  • Manuals can be found on the web, i.e. Android help pages.

  • If you experience problems with the transferred file try another way to transfer file.