Export & import settings

언제 설정을 저장해야합니까?

예상치 못한 일에 대비해야합니다. 실수로 중요한 설정을 변경하고 변경사항을 되돌리는데 어려움이 있을 수 있습니다. 당신의 폰이 고장나거나 도난당할 수도 있습니다. 쉽게 원래상태로 설정을 복구하기 위해서, 규칙적으로 설정을 저장하여야 합니다.

설정을 변경한 후 또는 목표를 수행한 후 설정을 저장하는 것은 아주 좋은 습관입니다.

Exported settings should be copied to a cloud storage or your computer, better two different locations. 그래야 AAPS 폰이 예상치못한 피해가 발생했을때를 대비할 수 있고 처음부터 다시 시작할 필요가 없습니다.

윈도우 10에서 아래와 같이 보일 수 있습니다.

AAPS Preferences phone connected to computer

Export Path

The exports will be placed in this folder on your phone:

/Internal Storage/AAPS/preferences

This storage location cannot be changed in the AAPS settings.

Exported information

Among others the following information is part of the settings export:

Encrypted backup format

Settings backup is encrypted by a master password that can be set in Preferences .

설정 내보내기

  • Hamburger menu (top left corner of screen)

  • Maintenance

  • 설정 내보내기

AAPS export settings 1
  • Date and time of export will be added to the file name automatically and displayed together with the path.

  • Click ‘OK’.

  • Enter master password and click ‘OK’.

  • Successful export will be prompted at bottom of the screen.

AAPS export settings 2

설정 불러오기

Do not import settings while on an active Pod session - see Omnipod page for details.

  • Hamburger menu (top left corner of screen)

  • Maintenance

  • 설정 불러오기

AAPS import settings 1
  • All files from folder AAPS/preferences/ on your phone will be shown in the list.

  • Select file.

  • Confirm import by clicking ‘OK’.

  • Enter master password and click ‘OK’.

AAPS import settings 2
  • Details on the preference file will be shown.

  • Last option to cancel import.

  • Click ‘Import’.

  • Confirm message by clicking ‘OK’.

  • AAPS will be restarted in order to activate imported preferences.

Note for Dana RS users

  • As pump connection settings are also imported AAPS on your new phone will already “know” the pump and therefore not start a bluetooth scan.

  • Please pair new phone and pump manually.

Import settings from previous versions (before AAPS 2.7)

  • The “old” settings file (called ‘AndroidAPSPreferences’ - without file extension) must be in root folder of your smartphone (/storage/emulated/0).

  • Do not put the “old” file in the same folder as the new exported settings (AAPS/preferences).

  • You will find the “old” file on the bottom of the list in the import dialogue.

Transfer settings file

  • Best way to transfer settings file to a new phone is via USB cable or cloud service (i.e. Google Drive).

  • Manuals can be found on the web, i.e. Android help pages.

  • If you experience problems with the transferred file try another way to transfer file.