xDrip+ Instellingen

If not already set up, then download xDrip+.

Disable battery optimization and allow background activity for the xDrip+ app.

You can safely download the latest APK (stable) unless you need recent features or are using sensors that are being actively integrated (like G7), in which case you should use the latest Nightly Snapshot.

Basisinstellingen voor alle CGM-systemen & FSL

Disable Nightscout upload

Starting with AAPS 3.2, you shouldn’t let any other app upload data (blood glucose and treatments) to Nightscout.

→ Hamburger Menu (1) → Settings (2) → Cloud Upload (3) -> Nightscout Sync (REST-API)(4) → Switch OFF Enabled (5)

xDrip+ Basis Instellingen 1

Disable automatic calibration and treatments

If you use an older version of AAPS (before 3.2), make sure to deactivate Automatic Calibration (7) If the checkbox for Automatic Calibration is checked, activate Download treatments (6) once, then remove the checkbox for Automatic Calibration and deactivate Download treatments again.

xDrip+ Basis Instellingen 2

Tap Extra Options(8)

Deactivate Upload treatments(9) and make sure you will NOT use Back-fill data (11).

Option Alert on failures should also be deactivated (10). Otherwise you will get an alarm every 5 minutes in case Wi-Fi/mobile network issues or if the server is not available.

xDrip+ Basis Instellingen 3

Inter-app Settings (Broadcast)

If you are going to use AAPS and the data should be forwarded to i.e. AAPS you have to activate broadcasting in xDrip+ in Inter-App settings.

→ Hamburger Menu (1) → Settings (2) → Inter-app settings (3) → Broadcast locally ON (4)

In order for the values to be identical in AAPS with respect to xDrip+, you should activate Send the displayed glucose value (5).

Enable Compatible Broadcast (6).

xDrip+ Basic Settings 4

If you have also activated Accept treatments in xDrip+ and Enable broadcasts to xDrip+ in AAPS xDrip+ plugin, then xDrip+ will receive insulin, carbs and basal rate information from AAPS.

If you enable Accept Calibrations, xDrip+ will use the calibrations from AAPS. Be careful when you use this feature with Dexcom sensors: read this first.

Remember to disable Import Sounds to avoid xDrip+ making a ringtone every time AAPS sends a basal/profile change.

xDrip+ Basic Settings 5

Identificeer ontvanger (Identify receiver)

  • If you discover problems with local broadcast (AAPS not receiving BG values from xDrip+) go to → Hamburger Menu (1) Settings (2) → Inter-app settings (3) → Identify receiver (7) and enter info.nightscout.androidaps for AAPS build (if you are using PumpControl build, please enter info.nightscout.aapspumpcontrol instead!!).

  • Let op: Auto-correct past soms de beginletter aan naar een hoofdletter. You must use only lowercase letters when typing info.nightscout.androidaps (or info.nightscout.aapspumpcontrol for PumpControl). Capital I would prevent the App from receiving BG values from xDrip+.

    xDrip + Basic Inter-app Instellingen Ontvanger identificeren

Use AAPS to calibrate in xDrip+

  • If you want to be able to use AAPS to calibrate then in xDrip+ go to Settings → Interapp Compatibility → Accept Calibrations and select ON.

  • You may also want to review the options in Settings → Less Common Settings → Advanced Calibration Settings.

Dexcom G6

  • De Dexcom G6 zender kan gelijktijdig worden gekoppeld aan de Dexcom ontvanger (of als alternatief de t:slim pomp) en een app op je telefoon.

  • Als je jouw Dexcom wilt koppelen aan de xDrip+ app dan zul je dus eerst de Dexcom app moeten verwijderen (of: pas het zender-nummer in de Dexcom app aan naar een onzingetal zodat Dexcom niet probeert aan de zender te koppelen). Je kunt de xDrip+ app en de Dexcom app niet gelijktijdig koppelen aan een zender.

  • If you need Clarity and want to profit from xDrip+ features, use the Build Your Own Dexcom App with local broadcast to xDrip+, or use xDrip+ as a Companion app receiving notifications from the official Dexcom app.

xDrip+ versie afhankelijk van G6-zendernummer

  • All G6 transmitters manufactured after fall/end 2018 are called “Firefly”. They do not allow sensor restart without removing the transmitter, they do not send raw data. It is recommended to use the latest Nightly Snapshot.

  • Old rebatteried transmitters and modified trasmitters allow sensor life extension and restarts, they also send raw data. You can use the latest APK (stable).

Specifieke instellingen voor Dexcom

Pre-emptive restarts niet aanbevolen

Only rebatteried or modified Dexcom transmitters. Preemptive restarts do not work with standard transmitters and will stop the sensor completely: you need to remove the transmitter to restart the sensor.

The automatic extension of Dexcom sensors (preemptive restarts) is not recommended as this might lead to “jumps” in BG values on day 9 after restart.

xDrip+ Jump after Preemptive Restart

To use it safely, there are a few points to be aware of:

  • Wanneer je het “Native” algoritme gebruikt in combinatie met de kalibratiecode in xDrip of Spike, is het veiligste om de optie “Pre-emptive restart” (voortijdige herstart) niet te gebruiken.

  • Als je er wel voor kiest om Pre-emptive restarts te gebruiken, zorg dan dat je de sensor start op een moment van de dag dat je tijd kunt vrijmaken om te zien wat er gebeurt tijdens de herstart. Zodat je kunt kalibreren als je ziet dat dat nodig is (je ziet een ‘sprong’ in je glucosegrafiek).

  • Als je jouw sensoren herstart, dan zul je dat moeten doen A) zonder gebruik te maken van de kalibratiecode voor de veiligste resultaten op dagen 11 en 12, of B) ervoor te zorgen dat je jouw sensorgrafiek in de gaten kunt houden en bereid bent om te kalibreren.

  • Het zogenaamde “Pre-soaking” (de sensor alvast inbrengen, waarna je nog wacht met starten) van de G6 met kalibratiecode zal hoogstwaarschijnlijk leiden tot onnauwkeurigheden in je glucosewaardes na starten. Omdat het algoritme van de G6 rekent op weefselbeschadiging na inbrengen, terwijl je met Pre-soaken niet dezelfde mate van weefselbeschadiging zult hebben op het moment dat je de sensor start. Wanneer je Pre-soakt is het waarschijnlijk het beste om de sensor te kalibreren.

  • Als je om welke reden ook niet in staat bent om op te letten wat er gebeurt tijdens een herstart / na een Pre-soak, dan kun je beter de kalibratiecode niet gebruiken, en jouw sensor gebruiken met kalibraties, net als bij de G5.

To learn more about the details and reasons for these recommendations read the complete article published by Tim Street at www.diabettech.com.

G6-zender voor de eerste keer verbinden

For second and following transmitters see Extend transmitter life below.

Follow these instructions.

Zender Batterij Status

  • Battery status can be controlled in system status
    → Hamburger Menu (1) → System Status (2) → If you are on the Classic Status Page (3) swipe the screen (4) to reach → G5/G6/G7 Status screen.

xDrip+ System status

  • See here for more information.

Zender resetten

  • Lifetime cannot be extended for Firefly transmitters: only rebatteried or modified transmitters.

  • Follow these instructions for non-Firefly transmitters.

Zender vervangen

  • Zet originele Dexcom ontvanger uit (indien je die gebruikt).

  • Stop sensor (only if replacing sensor).

  • Haal de zender weg uit de xDrip system status (knop Forget Device) en haal de zender ook weg uit de jouw telefooninstellingen (Instellingen-> Bluetooth-> selecteer Dexcom en kies Vergeten) De Dexcom zender staat als Dexcom?? are the last two digits of the transmitter serial no.)
    → Hamburger Menu (1) → System Status (2) → If you are on the Classic Status Page (3) swipe the screen (4) to reach → G5/G6/G7 Status screen → Forget Device (5).

xDrip+ System status

  • Remove transmitter (and sensor if replacing sensor). To remove transmitter without removing sensor see this, or this video https://youtu.be/AAhBVsc6NZo.

  • Zorg dat de oude zender niet weer probeert te koppelen. A microwave is a perfect Faraday shield for this - but unplug power cord to be 100% sure no one is turning the microwave on.

  • Follow these instructions.

  • Zet de originele Dexcom ontvanger (indien je die gebruikt) niet terug aan voordat xDrip+ de eerste meetwaardes toont.

Sensor vervangen

Sensorcode terugvinden

→ Hamburger Menu (1) → System Status (2) → If you are on the Classic Status Page (3) swipe the screen (4) to reach → G5/G6/G7 Status screen → Calibration Code.

xDrip+ Haal Dexcom Sensor Code op2

Probleemoplossing Dexcom G5/G6 en xDrip+

Probleem bij verbinden met de zender

Follow these instructions.

Probleem bij het starten van nieuwe sensor

Follow these instructions.

Libre 1

  • Setup your NFC to Bluetooth bridge in xDrip+

    → Hamburger Menu (1) → Settings (2) → Less common settings (3) → Bluetooth Settings (4)

  • In Bluetooth Settings set the checkboxes exactly as in the screenshots below (5)

    • Disable watchdogs as they will reset the phone Bluetooth and interrupt your pump connection.

    xDrip+ Libre Bluetooth-instellingen 1

  • You can try to enable the following settings (7)

    • Use scanning

    • Trust Auto-Connect

    • Use Background Scans

  • If you easily lose connection to the bridge or have difficulties recovering connection, DISABLE THEM (8).

    xDrip+ Libre Bluetooth-instellingen 2

  • Leave all other options disabled unless you know why you want to enable them.

    xDrip+ Libre Bluetooth Settings 3

Batterijniveau van opzetapparaatje voor FSL

  • Battery level of bridges such as MiaoMiao and Bubble can be displayed in AAPS (not Blucon).

  • Details can be found on screenshots page.

Verbind Libre opzetapparaatje & start sensor

  • If your sensor requires it (Libre 2 EU and Libre 1 US) install the latest out of process algorithm.

  • Your sensor must be already started using the vendor app or the reader (xDrip+ cannot start or stop Libre sensors).

  • Set the data source to Libre Bluetooth.

    → Hamburger Menu (1) → Settings (2) → Select Libre Bluetooth in Hardware Data source (3)

    xDrip+ Start Libre Transmitter & Sensor 1

  • Scan Bluetooth and connect the bridge.

    → Hamburger Menu (1) → Scan Bluetooth (2) → Scan (3)

    • If xDrip+ can’t find the bridge, make sure it’s not connected to the vendor app. Put it in charge and reset it.

    xDrip+ Start Libre Transmitter & Sensor 2

  • Start the sensor in xDrip+.

    → Hamburger Menu (1) → Start sensor (2) → Start sensor (3) → Set the exact time you started it with the reader or the vendor app. If you didn’t start it today, answer “Not Today” (4).

xDrip+ Start Libre Transmitter & Sensor 3

Libre 2 patched app

  • Set the data source to Libre patched app.

    → Hamburger Menu (1) → Settings (2) → Select Libre (patched App) in Hardware Data source (3)

    xDrip+ Libre Patched app 1

  • You can add BgReading:d,xdrip libre_receiver:v under Less Common Settings->Extra Logging Settings->Extra tags for logging. Dit logt extra foutmeldingen voor het oplossen van problemen, de meesten van ons zullen dit niet nodig hebben.

xDrip+ LibreLink logging