I’m getting stuck; What do I do? Who can I ask?

This project is based on volunteer work so some rules apply to avoid extra work to those who so kindly donate their time and skills:

  • level 1: Read the Wiki - we now have a search function to help you!

  • level 2: Search the Facebook group, if there is not already an answer then ask your question in the AndroidAPS Users Facebook group

  • level 3: If facebook did not get results then ask in discord. Direct crossposts will be ignored/deleted on both channels to avoid duplicate answers. Don’t forget that the majority of developers are in Europe so the response may not be 24/7; you may have to wait for several hours especially over weekends and holidays.

  • level 4: Create an issue and attach your log files

  • level 5: email developers@androidaps.org (only if personal data is involved that should not go in a public channel and your problems have not been resolved in the other levels)

For support on CGM sources please use the Facebook groups or discord channels for that specific system (e.g. xdrip, 600 series uploader) or support on Nightscout use CGMintheCloud as the users there will have a greater level of expertise than the people here who all use different systems.

Make sure to join the AndroidAPS users group on Facebook!

Join the main AndroidAPS Facebook group. You can post here any questions about the algorithm, any setup problems you are having with Android Studio and building the APK, any queries about use of the app and tips for how to get best use out of it. There is also a group for Combo pump users AAPSCombo which have a slightly more specific setup.

Other resources in English

Country / language specific resources


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  • Looped Sweden (Sweden based users of OpenAPS, Loop and AndroidAPS)


  • Looped UK (UK based users of OpenAPS, Loop and AndroidAPS)