Dexcom G5

If using G5 with xdrip+

  • If not already set up then download xdrip and follow instructions on nightscout (G5.
  • In xdrip go to Settings > Inter-app settings > Broadcast Data Locally and select ON.
  • In xdrip go to Settings > Inter-app settings > Accept Treatments and select OFF.
  • If you want to be able to use AndroidAPS to calibrate then in xdrip go to Settings > Interapp Compatibility > Accept Calibrations and select ON. You may also want to review the options in Settings > Less Common Settings > Advanced Calibration Settings.
  • Select xdrip in ConfigBuilder (setting in AndroidAPS).
  • If AAPS does not receive BG values when phone is in airplane mode use ‘Identify receiver’ as describe on xDrip+ settings page .

If using G5 with patched Dexcom app

  • Download the apk from, and choose the version that fits your needs (mg/dl or mmol/l version, G5).

    Region in Dexcom G5 URL
  • Stop sensor and uninstall the original Dexcom app, if not already done.

  • Install downloaded apk

  • Start sensor

  • Select Dexcom App (patched) in ConfigBuilder (setting in AndroidAPS).

  • If you want to use xDrip alarms via local broadcast: in xDrip hamburger menu > settings > hardware data source > 640G /EverSense.