Freestyle Libre 1

To use your Libre as a CGM that is getting new BG values every 5 minutes without having to scan the sensor, you need to buy an NFC to Bluetooth bridge (commercially available devices, based on the obsolete LimiTTer project).

Libre 2, Libre 1 US and Libre Pro

Verify the bridge and the app you want to use are compatible with your sensor.

Several bridges are available on the market:

Historically it is possible to use a specific watch, the Sony Smartwatch 3 (SWR50) which has an NFC chip that can be enabled and used as an NFC collector. However the custom NFC to Bluetooth bridges listed above offer a less complex solution and would be used by the majority of those wanting to use their Libre 1 (non-US) as a CGM.

As it currently stands, if using Libre 1 as BG source you cannot activate ‘Enable SMB always’ and ‘Enable SMB after carbs’ within the SMB algorithm. The BG values of Libre 1 are not smooth enough to use it safely. See Smoothing blood glucose data for more details.

1. Using xDrip+

2. Using Glimp

  • Glimp supports Miaomiao, Blucon and Bubble for Libre 1 and Libre 2 EU.

  • You will need Glimp version 4.15.57 or newer. Older versions are not supported.

  • Install Glimp.

  • Select Glimp in in ConfigBuilder, BG Source.

3. Using Tomato

4. Using Diabox

  • Diabox is the vendor app for Bubble.

  • Install Diabox. In Settings, Integration, enable Share data with other apps.