Timezone traveling with pumps

DanaR, Korean DanaR

There is no issue with changing timezone in phone because pump doesn’t use history

DanaRv2, DanaRS

These pumps need a special care because AndoridAPS is using history from the pump but the records in pump don’t have timezone stamp. That means if you simple change timezone in phone, records will be read with different timezone and will be doubled. To avoid this do the following steps on every timezone change:

  • switch phone for manual time zone change before travel

When get out of plane:

  • turn off pump
  • change timezone on phone
  • turn off phone, turn on pump
  • clear history in pump
  • change time in pump
  • turn on phone
  • let phone connect to the pump and fine-tune time



Time adjustment daylight savings time (DST)

Depending on pump and CGM setup, jumps in time can lead to problems. With the Combo e.g. the pump history gets read again and it would lead to duplicate entries. So please do the adjustment while awake and not during the night.

  1. Switch off automatic time zone in your phone.
  2. Find a time zone that has the target time but doesn’t use DST. For Central European Time (CET) this could be “Brazzaville” (Kongo). Change your phone’s timezone to Kongo.
  3. In AndroidAPS refresh you pump. (hit BT symbol for Dana pumps; “refresh” for the Combo).
  4. Check the Treatments tab... If you see duplicate treatments:
  • DON’T press “delete future treatments”
  • Hit “remove” on all future treatments and duplicate ones. This should invalidate the treatments rather than removing them so they will not be considered for IOB anymore.
  1. If the state is unclear - please disable the loop for at least one DIA and Max-Carb-Time - whatever is bigger.

A good time to make this switch would be with low IOB. E.g. an hour before a meal.

This definitely affects the Combo, maybe the Dana Rv2 and RS - and most likely not the Dana R and Insight. But as it is not tested, please be cautions. This is DIY!