Freestyle Libre 1

To use your Libre as a CGM that is getting new BG values every 5 minutes you first need to buy a NFC to Bluetooth adapter like:

Additionally it is possible to use a specific watch, the Sony Smartwatch 3 which has an NFC chip which can be enabled and can be used as a NFC collector. However the custom NFC to Bluetooth adapters listed above offer a less complex solution and would be used by the majority of those wanting to use their Libre 1 as a CGM.

As it currently stands, if using Libre 1 as BG source you cannot activate ‘Enable SMB always’ and ‘Enable SMB after carbs’ within the SMB algorithm. The BG values of Libre 1 are not smooth enough to use it safely. See Smoothing blood glucose data for more details.

Si vous utilisez xDrip+

  • If not already set up then download xDrip+ and follow instructions on LimiTTEer or Libre Alarm.
  • Dans xDrip allez dans Paramètres > Inter-app settings > Diffusion Locale et sélectionnez ON.
  • Dans xDrip allez dans Paramètres > Inter-app settings > Accept Treatments et sélectionnez OFF.
  • Si vous voulez pouvoir utiliser AndroidAPS pour calibrer, alors dans xDrip, allez dans Paramètres > Inter-app settings > Accept Calibrations et sélectionnez ON. Vous pouvez également consulter les options dans Paramètres > Paramètres moins courants > Paramètres Avancés de Calibration.
  • Sélectionnez xDrip dans la Configuration (dans AndroidAPS).
  • For settings in xDrip+ with screenshots see xDrip+ settings page. There is a part for basic xDrip+ settings and for Freestyle Libre xDrip+ settings.
  • If AAPS does not receive BG values when phone is in airplane mode, use ‘Identify receiver’ as describe on xDrip+ settings page.

Si vous utilisez Glimp

  • Vous aurez besoin de Glimp version 4.15.57 ou plus récente. Older versions are not supported.
  • If not already set up then download Glimp and follow instructions on Nightscout.
  • Sélectionnez Glimp dans la Configuration (Menu hamburger dans AndroidAPS).