Para los usuarios de Eversense

The easiest way to use Eversense with AAPS is to install the EU or US modified Eversense app (and uninstall the original one first).

Warning: by uninstalling the old app, your local historical data older than one week will be lost!

  • To get your data to AAPS, you need to install ESEL and enable «Send to AAPS and xDrip», disable «Send to NightScout».

ESEL Broadcast

Como los datos de BG de Eversense pueden tener valores con ruido a veces, es bueno activar «Smooth Data» en ESEL, que es mejor que permitir «Siempre use promedio corto delta en vez de simple delta» en AAPS.

  • Set «MM640g» as BG source in in ConfigBuilder, BG Source.

You can find the instruction for using xDrip with an Eversense here.